US Evacuating Its Embassy in Venezuela: Is this a prelude to war?

.     US Withdrawing Diplomatic Personnel from Venezuela: Prelude to war? The State Department has announced the withdrawal of all remaining embassy personnel from Venezuela.  They also stated ” that the presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy”. A constraint on U.S. policy? More like “we […]

Fourth National Climate Assessment Vol I + II

.     Fourth National Climate Assessment Vol I + II The National Climate Assessment, released this month, is out and available. Contrary to what the president states, climate change is a real concern. The assessment, which is mandatory every four years, was created by thirteen federal agencies. This report does not paint a pretty […]

The Trump Dictionary

      The Trump Dictionary By Political Playtime Betrump: To betray someone. Example: “Why do you betrump me every chance you get?” Overtrump: To lie about, and make up facts, etc. Example: “How can you overtrump the facts when they are perfectly clear?” Redcaps: Trump”s armed supporters. Example: “Welcome to tonight’s politics panel. Should […]