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The Trump Dictionary

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The Trump Dictionary

By Political Playtime

Betrump: To betray someone.

Example: “Why do you betrump me every chance you get?”

Overtrump: To lie about, and make up facts, etc.

Example: “How can you overtrump the facts when they are perfectly clear?”

Redcaps: Trump”s armed supporters.

Example: “Welcome to tonight’s politics panel. Should the Democrats

win the House, will the Redcaps be out in the streets?”

Trumpaholic: One that cannot get enough Trump and needs to get constant exposure to

to all things Trump. Not necessarily a Trump supporter.

Example: “Marge, I don’t know what to do. Since Bob turned into a

a trumpaholic all he does is sit in front of the TV with a blank stare.

I brought over a stripper the other day and that even didn’t phase him a

bit, and since I don’t get any love from him anymore, well…”

Trumpamorph: One who was never into politics, but has become a Trump Supporter.

Example: “All Jeb did was sit around, drink beer at shoot possums.

How he became a trumpamorph we’ll never know.”

Trumpanate: To give speeches in the style of Trump.

Example: “Senator Horsehockey can surely trumpanate with the best of them.”

Trumpathon: A Trump rally.

Example: “Hey Clem, y’all going to the trumpathon?”

Trumpicide: The act of belittling, opponents or their family members in an obnoxious manner.

Example: “This just in: Senator Wimpylipps has quit the senate race due to

all the trumpicide from his opponent and his opponent’s supporters.”

Trumpism: The love of Trump espoused by his followers.

Example: “On tonight’s News Hour we will discussing the growing

trumpism phenomenon with Bob. Stay tuned.”

Trumpist: One who supports Trump, but not like the trumpster or trump thumper.

Half-way between trumpster and trump thumper.

Example: “On today’s show, we have with us Mr Malarkey, a confirmed trumpist.”

Trump me over: Same as “trump over”.

Example: “You trump me over on this deal and there will be hell to pay.”

Trump over: Same as to “screw’ one over in business, or anything else, for that matter.

Example: “Judge, the defendant continues to trump over my client, enough is enough.”

Trump slump: Period between posts on social media.

Example: “Doc, I don’t know what to do. I’m going through a bad trump

slump; can’t think of anything to tweet about.”

Trump stunt: Any action used to take people’s mind off certain goings on.

Example: “Congresswoman Blabbremouth just pulled another trump stunt

by saying if Obama hadn’t been on vacation, 911 would not have

happened. Meanwhile her bill to cut Medicare just passed committee.”

Trumpster: Any Republican who supports Trump because he is afraid of Trump and his

base costing him or her an election. Or just plain afraid of them.

Example: “Well, folks, the Medicare for all bill failed in the House do to

the high number of trumpsters voting against it.”

Trump thumper: Like “bible thumper”, only this one is a rabid and devoted Trump follower,

and many are actual Bible-thumpers.

Example: “ Ever since Jeb became a trumpamorph, he has grown to

be a dedicated Trump thumper.”

Trumpules: Trump and his Trump thumpers’ posts to social media.

Example: “Hey Lou, how about we add a trumpule segment to the show?

Some of this stuff is hilarious.”

Trumpuns: Trump’s kids.

Example: “The trumpuns will be making a goodwill visit to Whatsammatastan.”